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What to consider when purchasing a site to develop

Site fall and slope

The flatter the property, the less possible filling or excavation needed. This would mean less retaining walls and less cost in construction.
North Orientation:
Dwellings should receive good northern light to living rooms and to make rooms functional and open on to private open spaces.


Sites with significant trees should be considered carefully. It is expected that a tree that is in good health, appropriate for a site and located in a reasonable position be kept as part of a development. Keep in mind too that trees on adjoining sites, or street trees are (in most cases), not able to be removed and even with pruning, the issues of root systems will affect site potential.


It has been determined that the whole of Victoria is bushfire prone. It is whether this may or may not affect the building construction requirements. When looking at a site, the bushfire assessment will consider vegetation within 100m of the site, and site fall to determine a bushfire (BAL) requirement. This could cause additional costs. During the planning process the council may not consider the appropriate use of materials in your proposal and you may end up with a permit for dwellings that you cannot afford or are not feasible to build. Many council’s are now requiring a BAL assessment through newly implemented BMO (Bushfire Management Overlay) controls.

Overlays and Covenants

It is critical that this information be determined prior to purchasing a site. Overlays that include Heritage, Vegetation or flooding or Single dwelling covenants are common. Some covenants may be able to be removed, due to the intention of the control no longer being applicable, and a solicitor’s advice should be sought prior to purchase. Cultural Management plans, Climate change impact studies are among other requirements that may add cost and delay your development, so the discovery of the correct information and advice is critical.

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